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Don't waste your time driving to and from the groomer when we can come directly to you!  With us, your pet doesn't have to wait hours in a cage or be agitated by other pets.  Our service provides a less stressful experience for your pet with focused attention from the groomer.  We provide speedy, reliable service without ever leaving your home! 

Reliable and Trustworthy


Jayla attended school at Animal Behavioral College and is a licensed groomer with a true passion for pets.  She has worked around animals her whole life and  started her career as a Veterinarian Assistant at only 16 years of age.  She has been grooming for 3 years and is now offering her mobile services in Maumelle and the surrounding areas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love.  We know how to pamper and groom dogs of all breeds and use the highest quality products.  From a relaxing bath to a full spa treatment, your furry friend is sure to enjoy our mobile salon.  We strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive. 

grooming Packages

Bath & Brush


Includes bath, blow dry, brushing, gland expression, nail trimming, ear hair removal/cleaning, cologne & bandanna or bow

Bath & Trim


Includes all services in the Bath & Brush plus basic trimming on feet, face & fanny

Full Groom


Includes all services in Bath & Trim plus clipper/scissor work on specific breed cuts & shave downs



This is an add-on package that includes a shampoo and conditioner upgrade, oral cleaning and nail filing

Pamperd Pooch


This is an add-on package that includes a moisturizing treatment, nail filing, paw balm, oral cleaning and nail polish

Shimmer & Shine


This is an add-on package that includes a nail filing, paw balm, oral cleaning, mineral mud bath, blueberry facial & shine spray



Oral Cleaning

Bad Breath?  When it comes to our pets health, many owners overlook the importance of oral hygine.  Choose from peanut butter or chicken flavored toothpaste for the cleanest mouth in town.  We finish the brushing with fresh breath spray.  Priced in addition to any other services.

Nail Polish

Choose from a variety of colors including glitter gel to add a special pampered touch to your pets finished look.  Priced in addition to any other services.

Mineral Mud Bath

For the ultimate grooming experience this treatment gently addresses skin and coat issues.  It removes impurities, exfoliates skin, rehydrates and rebuilds the coat while adding shine and gloss.  Priced in addition to any other services.

De-Shedding Treatment

We start by using a Shed Magic tool to remove layer after layer of loose hair. Then, we bath your pet in a deshedding shampoo, followed by a special deshedding conditioner treatment.  Finally, we use a high velocity dryer to further remove any unwanted hair.  The Coat is finished with a slicker brush to smooth and even it.  Priced according to size and coat type in addition to any other services.

Flea & Tick Treatment

Using a special flea & tick shampoo, we allow the treatment to sit on the coat until all unwanted pests are dead.  We use a flea & tick comb to check for and remove any lingering pests.  Your pet is then given a final bath.  Priced in addition to any other services.

Blueberry Facial

This facial is an excellent way to reduce tear stains and enhance the coat's color naturally while providing a calming, aromatherapeutic experience for your pet. Using a circular motion your pet enjoys a head and face massage while the solution penetrates the coat.  After a good rinse, the result is not only bright, cleaner hair but also strengthened strands that can stay cleaner longer.  Priced in addition to any other services.

skin allergies?

Tea Tree & Aloe Medicated Skin Treatment

This medicated shampoo treatment soothes seriously irritated skin while relieving itching and inflammation.

This organically grown Aloe Vera has beneficial nutrients that act as a powerful skin hydrator and has a wonderful Tea Tree smell.  Aloe Vera is absorbed into the skin 4 times faster than water and heals allergic rashes, sunburn, insect bites and minor abrasions while alleviating swelling and boosting immune response. 

If your fur baby has flea bites, dermatitis, hot spots, razor burns or a dry skin disorder, ask about this amazing treatment!


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